Rep. West truly believes that his success as a state representative will be contingent upon working with the people of the 67th district and the Northern Illinois region.  Furthermore, he believes that obtaining a variety of perspectives is the only way to reach the best solution to most of the problems that we face.  With this in mind, Representative West decided to create the 67th District Advisory Council.

The 67th District Advisory Council meets once every 3 months to discuss the important issues and legislation effecting our community.  The council is comprised of members from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives who are encouraged to maintain an open mind, share their opinions, and engage in discussion that can benefit the 67th District.  The ultimate goal of this council is to allow Representative West and his staff to gain deeper insights into how the community feels about the issues we face and find better solutions to our problems.

The community members serving on the Council are as follows:

  •   Eric Brown

  •   Curt McKay

  •   Luz Ramirez

  •   Robert Esmond

  •   Rebecca Francis

  •   Patrick Pursley

  •   Theresa Gilbert

  •   Xavier Whitford

  •   Mustafa Abdall

  •   Austin Taylor

  •   Gina Meeks

  •   Becky Lichty

  •   Symphony Posley

  •   Stanley Campbell

  •   Craig Stallings

  •   Jay Ware

We truly appreciated our community members for their participation on the Council.