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Rep. West Joins Rep. Vella and Sen. Stadelman at a Press Conference Promoting Voter Empowerment

“I’m honored to have been the chief sponsor of Illinois’ voter empowerment legislation, making it more accessible to vote,” Representative West said during a news conference Thursday outside the Rockford Board of Elections Office. 

“We prioritize voting accessibility for the disability community, our seniors, and anyone who is unable to easily access a voting place.”

Representative West and his colleagues were able to discuss the importance of early voting for the November 8th election. It is important that you are represented in our community. Take advantage of early voting and the state's new permanent mail-in ballot options. 

Voters have been able to request the new permanent mail-in status since August 10. In Rockford, voters can return ballots to a secure drop box in front of the Board of Election offices or drop them in the U.S. mail


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