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Representative West shares about the four pillars of the ILBC initiatives that have been passed.

Representative Maurice West and the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus were proud to share that four initiatives have been passed. These four initiatives include the following:

Education and Workforce Development For generations, our children have been faced with a lack of resources that would be unimaginable for others. I’m fighting to end unequal treatment in schools and provide fair funding for our children, our families and our neighborhoods.

Economic Access, Equity and Opportunity In order to address systemic racism, we must put working families first. I fought to ensure fair housing, job opportunities and equal pay for equal work no matter your color or gender. I also cracked down on predatory lending and worked to grow small businesses through increased investment and access to financial services.

Health Care and Human Services Over the past year, we’ve seen the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on our communities and on our families. The pandemic has only amplified the need for equitable access to quality health care in our communities. That’s why I fought for a comprehensive health care reform package to improve health care access in our neighborhoods and combat implicit bias in care.

Criminal Justice Reform In order to address systemic racism we must transform the criminal justice system through accountability and transparency, eliminating harmful policies that led to the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd and the humiliation of Anjanette Young. I’m also determined to reduce violence in our communities and end policies that jail the poor and let the rich and wealthy walk free. This legislation empowers our community and creates an equal footing for everyone.


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