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State Representative Maurice West Hosts Annual Mother’s Day Luncheon

ROCKFORD, Ill. — State Rep. Maurice West is honoring 300 local mothers today at the Embassy Suites on South Main Street.

“The Mother’s Day Luncheon is an iconic event in our community, and I am so excited to continue this tradition and celebrate our mothers,” said State Rep. Maurice West. “We have had such an overwhelmingly positive response from the community, and it is so important that we recognize our impressive local mothers for their commitment to our community.”

Rep. West's annual Mother's Day Luncheon will feature a panel discussion around Maternal Trauma and Mental Health, in addition to giveaways and moments of inspiration.

Statistics on Maternal Mental Health conditions provided by the Maternal Mental Health Leadership Alliance shows that one in five mothers are impacted by mental health conditions, while 75% of these mothers go untreated. This increases the risk of long-term negative impacts for the mother, child, and their family. 

One of the more commonly reported conditions is birth trauma, the overwhelming and distressing emotions and negative impacts resulting from a traumatic childbirth experience. One in three birthing people report feeling traumatized by their childbirth experience and one in five reported some form of mistreatment during their pregnancy or childbirth. 

Capacity for the luncheon is full and the registration is closed.


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