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West Announces $5 Million Coming to the 67th District through the Rebuild Illinois Downtowns

ROCKFORD, Ill. – State Rep. Maurice West, D-Rockford, is announcing $5 million in grant funding will be coming to the 67th District as part of the Rebuild Illinois Downtowns and Main Streets Capital Program.  $3 million will be invested in the renovation of the historic Times Theater while more than $2 million will be used to improve the Madison Street corridor through resurfacing and utilities upgrades.


“Because of Rebuild Downtowns and Main Streets, the 67thDistrict will receive over $5 million to continue to develop and bring opportunities to our community,” said West.  “These projects will not only improve buildings and roads, but also make downtown safer and more accessible while bringing more artistic, cultural, and entertainment events, as well as more jobs, to the Rockford region.”


The Rebuild Illinois Downtowns and Main Streets Capital Program aims to support projects that will revitalize commercial hubs, beautify and modernize downtowns, address critical infrastructure needs, boost jobs and improve the quality of life for residents.  The $5 million invested in the 67th District will certainly meet these goals.



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