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READY Mission

Our purpose is to Reach and connect youth with the diverse culture and opportunities within their community. We want to Expose our youth to elements of the community that they might not otherwise have a chance to experience, And we want to help them Develop the tools to become more successful in their lives. Our Youth are our most vital resource, and the READY Program is committed to helping them grow.

READY Philosophy

As we strive to make a safer more prosperous community, our efforts need to not only be aimed at making changes for today but those that will last for generations to come.  We have heard for decades about the need to combat crime, lower property taxes, and so much more but progress often seems slow or non-existent.  While I believe we can make headway on these issues today, I also believe that we must flank these issues for long-term success. 


How do we do that?  By investing in our youth. 

The READY Program invests in our youth by exposing them to culture, entertainment, education, and employment resources and opportunities that are in their city.  It expands their horizons and helps them identify things that they are passionate about while also allowing them to understand that these opportunities are not in some distant place but in their own backyard.   When our young people are setting goals, finding productive outlets for their passion and energy, seeking education, and chasing their dreams within our community, we are making progress towards a better tomorrow.  That is why I am committed to making sure we are READY for a brighter future.

Contact Us

To learn more about the READY Program contact Anisia Ramos:
(815) 987-7433

Recent Events

August 1st, 2023 | Community Life Center | Anderson Japanese Gardens | Rockford, IL
July 7th, 2023 | Comprehensive Community Solutions | Rockford, IL
April 12th, 2023 | RAMP | Rockford, IL
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